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What our clients are saying about us!

"CompassionCare staff make me comfortable and they uphold their confidentiality. I can talk to CompassionCare staff and they are always there to listen and I feel comfortable to confide in them" -Marilyn

"I like the accuracy of the medication passes and the staff makes sure that the medications are correct. I also like that CompassionCare handles the refilling of the medications and they talk to my doctors when necessary. I also like that CompassionCare offers housekeeping services and they always do a nice job. I like the friendliness of the staff as they acknowledge people they see by their first name. CompassionCare staff are friendly and nice and we can have fun and laugh around together" - Sue


"I love CompassionCare. I like all of you that come here and I look forward to you all coming" - Doris, Park View Terrace


"CompassionCare is a good thing to have, with my family being so far away it's always nice to know compassion care is here to check in on me and help me with what I need." "My family is also glad CompassionCare is here for me." - Arlene, Mill Pond View


"Without CompassionCare I would not be living here". "They provide services and care that I would not or could not receive anywhere else." "The help they have working here are all so wonderful" - Gladys, Mill Pond View

"CompassionCare is a wonderful resource to have in the building! I love chatting to the staff of CompassionCare, it is comforting to know they are here when needed." - Jessica, Riverbend Apartments


"CompassionCare Staff are all pleasant to work with and it is very comforting to know CompassionCare is here 24 hours a day to help me live on my own!" - Levi Long, Riverbend Apartments


"I would not be able to be on my own if it wasn't for CompassionCare! I just love all the staff! So comforting to know they are here 24hours a day." - Alpha M., Riverbend Apartments