The Schuett Companies, Inc.
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About Us

The Schuett Companies, Inc. manages 16 multifamily properties representing approximately 1,100 units throughout Minnesota.

The Schuett Companies, Inc. have been helping seniors, individuals with disabilities, and families find affordable housing for over 40 years. John Schuett founded the company in 1968 and semi retired in 2007. You can find our properties scattered across the great state of Minnesota, serving small towns, larger cities, and unique community cultures. Our sites are diverse, offering large communities up to 121 units and small communities as quiet as 24 units.

We work closely with HUD and MHFA to provide superior service and housing assistance to qualified applicants. We are an Equal Housing Opportunity and Equal Employment Opportunity establishment.


The Schuett Companies has been working with many of our investors for over 35 years. Our founder believed that as a company if we provided a reasonable return to our investors they would be content to keep their investments with us. Here is some appreciation we have received from investors over the years:

"Thanks for the "windfall". As you may know, General Mills created an investment program for executives that included real estate partnerships. One-third were busts; one-third were mediocre, and one-third were successful. But none was run with the sincerity and the skill you and Dick have demonstrated. And none yielded such outstanding results. So thanks for guaranteeing my grandchildren's college education."

                                                                                                           -Investor in Heritage of Winona, Winona MN

"My congratulations to you on the successful sale of the Coachman Trails apartments. I know you feel this is a mixed blessing, having personally dealt with all the issues and challenges such a project entails.No one is ever sure of the proper time for such a sale. It did seem right from our standpoint, and I hope other investors agree.You and your associates did a fine job in building it, staffing it and managing it, especially the paint job. Thanks to you all..."

                                                                                                            -Investor in Coachman Trails, Plymouth MN

"Dear Tom Schuett and Family;

Thank you very much for your final payment of our thirty year investment. Your fathers advice was excellent and provided us now with much needed funds. It was the best investment we ever made."

                                                                                                            -Investor in Park Manor Estates, Detroit Lakes MN


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Building Rehab

The Schuett Companies is committed to maintaining our buildings to the highest level possible. We are continually evaluating the needs of our properties to insure proper maintenance is done on a consistent basis. After all, this is more than a building or an investment, it is home to our residents.